Saturday, 12 October 2013

Project Brief & Identity Profile

RTI Project: The Faraday Memorial, Elephant & Castle Regeneration and a Transport Hub.

I have recently received a new brief for the Autumn Term. This project focuses on the expected changes brought forth to the Elephant & Castle area whilst it undergo's its dramatic transformation from dystopia to Arcadia.

At the center of our project is the Michael Faraday Memorial, designed by Brutalist architect Rodney Gordon and built 1961. The stainless steel box goes largely unnoticed, despite having an impressive lighting display during the dark hours.

The structure is currently used as a primary substation for the local area. This won't be for much longer however, the substation is to be moved to another location during the regeneration, leaving the memorial vacant. The site will thus be transformed into a transportation hub.

For this project, I have to present a transportation hub design proposal.

And so to begin, I am in the process of creating an in depth area profile. In an area with such diversity and history, it is important to identify which elements help create the image, the brand and the identity of the area.

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